Bret Okc


Things are still not alright, but we escape lockdown in vivid dreams. Initially sleep brought us overwhelmed nightmares of entrapment, confusion and bewilderment, as we found ourselves suddenly powerless. Next came the dreams of familiar strangers who were missing from our isolation lives; the barista with a blonde undercut, the moustachioed shop manager who used to park his immaculate car on your street, the eternally worried woman on a 67 bus. As the weeks pass we have started to find solace in dreams; they allow us to travel, to hang out with loved ones, to visit places we might not see again, to picnic in the park. In dreams we are enveloped by rich sounds and colours. Awake we return to our humdrum four walls. I remember watching a waking primate in a zoo, and how it rose, and turned resigned eyes towards a restless, sticky child who had banged on the glass.

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