one day in quarantine

This is the risk of letting folks look at your photographs: the photographer disappears; the photographer’s reason for taking the photograph…disappears; the photographer’s meaning of the photograph…it disappears. And all that’s left is the viewer and what the viewer sees, feels.

I see the perspective of a person sitting alone in a dark room, maybe awakened from a bad dream, wrapped in a blanket, nerves too jangly to go back to sleep, but unwilling to turn on a light because that would be giving up on going back to sleep, thinking thinking thinking thoughts that bounce around in the brain like a drop of water on a hot skillet, wishing that drop would evaporate, but it never does it never does.

In fact, it’s just neighbors who rise earlier than the photographer. That’s it, nothing unusual, nothing dire or distressing, just an ordinary morning, like any other. No bad dreams, no painful purity of isolation, no ‘bounded in a nutshell’ and life apparently isn’t a lyric from a John Lee Hooker song.

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