In A Josef Sudek State Of Mind (Bread, Egg and Glass, ca. 2020)

Dear Josef,

Obviously you have been dead for quite some time and I’m afraid I don’t know if, while alive, you learned English. Nonetheless I am writing to thank you. Right now, at home, and in isolation, you are one photographer who we have truly come to value. You see we have found time to appreciate the wonder of our daily bread; the unique structure of every loaf crust. Because of you we learned to contemplate the gradient of a shadow as it strokes over an eggshell. You showed us there is magical charm in tiny bubbles coalescing at sites of microscopic imperfection on the sides of our water glasses. Some of us will pay homage to you; we will appreciate everyday abstractions of ordinary objects and playfully manipulate light, others will take a moment to remember you as the rain trickles down outside, and the petals start to fall. So thanks again.

Yours with fond appreciation,

2020 Photographers

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