Utata Stays Home portraits -waiting to get into the coop early

We are seeing through the eye cliches. If eyes are windows to the soul, then the glass is really murky. If a look can speak volumes, then the books are written in a language that we dropped back in eighth grade. When our lips are hidden by masks we realise the challenges of communicating with our eyes.

One friend says he squint smiles when he wishes to seem approachable. He then sites Anthony Hopkins’s Hannibal Lecter as a great example of how to communicate masked.

Another says she is concentrating on upping her elaborate eye make-up game, while quietly grieving for her lipsticks.

For many of us it is easier to let our masks speak for us. Look: I am bold, I am colourful, I am home-made, hand-stitched, red threaded. I am Philadelphia. Give me some breathing space, I am trying my best here.

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