Spring Training, Phoenix AZ March 12-17

My relationship with clothes is simple and practical. But I’ve seen enough of Tim Gunn to appreciate folks who choose their clothing carefully, thoughtfully, deliberately — folks who pair their clothing and accoutrements to the occasion. Because of that, I found myself strangely and deeply moved by this particular Covid-19 project. It’s best to let Brittney describe it her ownself:

“For this year’s Utata Big Project, I let myself amble wistfully down the lanes of what might have been. Each “portrait” is a piece of clothing I would’ve worn to an event now cancelled by COVID. I am absent in the photos just as I will be absent in real life. The dress form is the framework for a memory that will never exist, the images softly layered atop it stand-ins for a scene that will never be. I love clothes and curate them carefully; I am mourning a life they will never have as well as the lost bits of my own.”

I’ve no idea what this type of dress is called, but I’m certain Britt would have worn it with grace, confidence, and a certain ballpark panache that would have made ‘Moonlight’ Graham grin in admiration. I’m so sorry she didn’t get that chance.

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