~ Meredith ~

Steichen Homage

Among his manifold accomplishments, Edward Steichen essentially invented modern fashion photography. It sounds crazy to refer to a style of photography that’s nearly 110 years old as ‘modern’, but it’s a testament to Steichen that current fashion photographers are still doing what he did in 1911. His portrait of Gloria Swanson, shot in 1924, could have been shot last week.

Emulating a classic image is — and ought to be — scary. Putting your image directly next to one by Steichen is courageous. Maybe even audacious. Doing it as a self-portrait — a selfie using a large format camera — seems like madness. But as Meredith says, “Even if doing stuff like this scares the shit out of you, do it anyway.”

Here’s proof that audacity can pay off. If you’re brave enough, if you’re smart enough, if you’re good enough. Meredith Wilson is all three.

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