Horses in the Fontaine de l’Observatoire

When you’ve had a tiresome day, working at home in unseasonal spring heat.

When the kids are on half term and though you’ve told them not to go down to the river, you end your conference call and find they’re nowhere to be found.

When you spend your lunch break digging a bee sting out of your partner’s toe, and just as you sit down to lunch a nuthatch flies into the window and plummets, barely alive on your lawn. When you’ve effected a rescue, there’s no time for lunch and you’re back into phone calls, zoom meetings, spreadsheets.

When you’ve had a day like that, and you see a photo like this.

You can feel that cool water against your hot skin. You can hear the rush of the fountain. You might even imagine the neighing of the horses.

You may not be able to be there, but this is the very next best thing.

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