Lake Effect

Parking Lot Island

I guess I knew it was inevitable, when my buddy told me that they’d cancelled the riverside cherry blossoms in Meguro, Tokyo, it was kind of obvious that the blossoms would be cancelled in D.C. and in San Francisco too. World wide they roped off the trees and told folks to visit online instead.

Nonetheless we should not underestimate the resilient super powers of pretty pink flowers. We do not need a whole park full of trees, or a parade for them, or 4 kilometres edging an urban river. It does not even have to be cherry blossom; let it be redbud, dogwood or crabapple. We cancelled the festivals, but we couldn’t cancel the spring blossoms, they don’t need our applause, they kept on flowering, even if there was nobody around to watch them.

Sometimes a stolen moment with a single tree, isolated on an island, in an ordinary, empty, parking lot, is all it takes to make your heart sing.

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