Maureen Bond

Summer Solstice 2020

As post-lockdown projects go, pinhole photography isn’t the most time consuming. So if you have time on your hands you might want something else as a back up until things go back to normal. Whatever normal means to you.

But for this, all you need is a lightproof box with a hole, and some photographic paper.  And time. You do need the passing of time.

How it turns out will always be a surprise. You don’t really know what you’ll get in advance.  If you’re unlucky – or the forecasts are unreliable, you might not get any sun at all.

But sometimes you strike lucky.  The sun trails across the sky and you’ve positioned your camera so that you catch it as it passes. The winds get up and blow the trees about.

The result might look a little dystopian, hinting of  war, sand storms, blizzards. Or it might be moody and dark like a midsummer night.

Like the future, it won’t be how you imagined or planned it would be. But not knowing in advance is at least 50% of the enjoyment at the end of the day.

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