snow dome… or not

Six months ago, when this picture was taken few of us were imagining the changes the world was about to face. We used to be bad at imagining change. It is difficult to contemplate the burn of summer sun when you are up to your ankles in snow. Right now isolating under a ceiling fan it is hard to imagine how stiff my knuckle joints will feel in winter, even harder to imagine spontaneously hugging a friend, or relaxing in a crowded restaurant.

Still now is the time we are imagining defunded police departments, and refunded social care; imagining folks making a living wage working to protect the planet from catastrophic climate change, instead of jobs in coal or oil production. We can set out to imagine a world where everyone has access to good, safe housing, healthcare and education. All because facing radical challenges makes it more possible to envision radical change.

We might not know why anyone decided to make a pretty dome in the snow, but they did, and I wonder what they are doing now.



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