Just Tape

I am an archeologist from an unknown future, or an alien being newly landed, I have awoken from a six month coma. I really need to read these unfamiliar ground markings. Well my dear, twenty fourth century archeologists will hopefully have enough information about these times to understand today’s need for strange plastic tape signage, and intelligent alien life is likely to be skipping visits to planet Earth for a while.

But what if you and I awoke today, after six months of prolonged unconsciousness; we would be bewildered, sad, angry and on reflection, probably not too surprised. We would rage. We would be heartened at the efforts of carers, nurses, doctors, and scientists, and so furious for them. You would applaud the ingenuity of small businesses, of the bakeries, grocers, pharmacies and the microbreweries, I would be relieved and amazed that there are still fresh coffee beans.

Would we wish to have stayed asleep, oblivious to it all? No my dear, we would adapt and wash our hands, put on masks, and stand at a safe distance. We would adapt, because adaption is key to survival. It just took some tape markers to help us make the first giant leap.


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