It looks normal  — though dark scenes like these lean towards being spooky — until you notice that there’s a curtain where a curtain has no right to be. It seems to be on the inside but also on the outside, depending on which way you look at it.

And there’s an office chair where no office chair should be. It ought to be tucked under a desk in a dusty old office.  Not out here, exposed and empty.

And the doors that look like they belong on a garage, lock up or shed. With an outside light above, inside. Wait, what? Did you hear that? Did something just move?

Of course there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this. But the dark of night can give a sinister twist to the most innocent of situations.

And no amount of motion-sensing light can help. Especially when you it’s so bright you can’t see who or what is lurking in the shadows behind the curtain.

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