Louise has been doing this for years. Cat-like, she prowls the streets of Angers, slipping around corners with her camera. Sometimes the streets are empty, and she’ll capture the shadows slicing across the solitude of the street. Or she’ll find friends sitting in the shade, or encounter a café waiter outside having a smoking break at the end of a long lunchtime shift.  She has been doing this long enough to build up entire collections – 460 photographs in all *.

She photographs people with a gentle compassionate eye. It never feels intrusive, you don’t feel like you shouldn’t be watching. A scene like this – commonplace – a woman in a face covering going about her day, like millions of other people around the world. There is something extraordinary in the most commonplace scene, and this is what Louise captures so well.

*You can see her collections here:

 Street scenes I

Street scenes II

Street scenes III


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