Riccardo Romano

. ( milos | 2018 )

A year ago I swam in the sea at Uno, Okayama. It is the last time I swam. We had eaten a supermarket supper at the empty beach, myself and the kids, then they went off, and I eventually swam. First I walked the lapping shoreline scanning for jellyfish, then I debated just how able my ageing eyes were to spot a smack of sneaky jellyfish. Then I considered all the old-wives rules about eating, swimming, and cramps. Then I watched the delicate wave pattern in the unfamiliar bay, considering hidden riptides. Then I wondered how my offspring would manage my disappearance if they were left alone in an unfamiliar town.

Then I stepped into the clear, cool, water and swam.

When I saw Riccardo’s picture I remembered the taste of salt water through my nose, blue sky and clear water. I remembered the sensation of weaving through the gentle surf. I remembered my childish delight. A photograph can do that for you. This one was taken in 2018 at Milos a Greek Island in theĀ Aegean sea. Looking through the Utata pool it seems many of us have been looking back at the memories we captured. Sometimes the past really is another country.

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