red trees and green meadows

I suspect I might bring this to your attention every year, but that’s just because there is a rhythm to the seasons. A cyclical nature to life itself.

So, roundabout this time of year, there is this thing that mother nature does. The wildflowers have all but stopped blooming, you’ve picked the last tomato from the vine and begun tidying the veg beds, and giving the grass one last cut. Winter is on its way – you can smell it in the air first thing in the morning. Damp, as if a fire has died down overnight. Earthy, like the scent of wild mushrooms encountered in pine woods.

And there is a show, a firework display in trees in towns and cities, villages and country lanes. Even meadows aren’t exempt, the abandoned hedgerow trees bursting into fire. And here in a meadow, with the grass cut and the patterns of tractor tyres picked out by the low slanted angle of the sun, warning you of the sodden muddy ground. Here, amongst the last green shoots that will grow before winter, is where you can see it best.

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