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Fall ‘Roid Week 2020 #3

Every morning at the bus stop on Hopkins is the same as the morning before. The bus arrives at the same time and I sit in the same seat and the bus follows the same route and lets me off at the same place and I buy my coffee at the same shop on the way to the same office. Every morning the same.

But the tree has lost a few more leaves. And it’s a wee bit colder. And the sun itself rose a little bit later. And on the bus ride I see an old shop has closed and a new one has opened. The barista with the beard has been replaced by a woman with dangly earrings, and the sidewalk outside the office is being repaired. And by the time I get to the office I’m not the same person who was waiting at the bus stop on Hopkins where the tree has lost a few more leaves.

Every morning, the same in a different way. Different in the same way. Every morning.

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