Mary Jane 2040

Everyday Magic

“We can’t control what happens, only how we respond,” Rachel writes.

And it is possibly never more true than now. It might be the annoying boss that is spiralling out of control, seemingly intent on bringing you to your knees with stress and overwork. Or that your partner or housemate goes out again, leaving you to see to the dirty dishes.

It might be a tier one-two-three dance (if you’re English) or nought to four if you live in Scotland, or another part of the disunited Kingdom.

Or a national lockdown in France. Or maybe there’s someone saying that Coronavirus is over, and he’s solved it all on his own.

You can’t control the fact that someone is determined to litter the sidewalk. You probably can’t make them stop.

But what you can do is take your own action.

You can slip on your special shoes, drape yourself in the definitive dress, go for a walk and make some art.

Or do whatever you prefer to do, depending on the circumstances. Do the dishes mindfully, resolve not to take your work home with you, especially, but not only, if your work is at home. Knuckle down to the lockdown, and vote for what’s right.

Whatever it is, you can make something of it. Even in the best of it, our time on this planet is short, so let’s control how we respond.

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