owl cyclops

I have probably already told you that there’s a term in French L’esprit de l’escalier, which refers to the predicament when you think of an awesome retort just a moment too late. Imagine you are frolicking merrily down the stairs and some adversary, whilst walking past you upstairs, makes a snide aside about the quality of your Breton sweater, beret, baguette or any other cliched French thing. At first you are dumbfounded, being a sensitive soul, but then the perfect bon mot comes to mind. Alas, too late, the moment has passed. 

And I guess everyone knows the Japanese proverb 五十歩百歩 Gojuu-Hyappo, which roughly translated means “Meh! It really doesn’t matter if there’s fifty steps or one hundred steps. Steps are steps.”

Then yesterday I learned that the German for “I am dizzy” is :mir ist schwindlig. So obviously schwindlig is currently my favourite German word (I have yet to learn any German proverbs.) Which brings us, finally, to this doozy of a woozy picture. This is one photograph from a delightful and dizzying series of staircase images, therefore today we definitely declare Dadioli the Utata Konig von Schwindlig.

Check them out.





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