Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography

99 Cent Fresh Pizza

Here’s something that seems completely impossible right now; a few years back I asked a guy sitting opposite me on a bus in downtown Chicago if he knew of a good place for deep pan pizza. Obviously he pretended not to hear me. What was I thinking talking to strangers on public transport? But the man sitting next to him actually walked me right up to the door of a great pizza place, and as I recall also gave menu suggestions. This is not even that sort of pizza. This is the sort of floppy pizza that my friend Isabelle would dab with a napkin before eating, so as to remove some of the surface grease. That is because she is French and will never understand the emotional value of pizza grease. Today it is all unthinkable because I do not remember the last time I talked on public transport, can barely remember the last time I took a bus unmasked. There might not ever be another weekend break in Chicago. The days spent as a foreign student in wind chilled New York belong to another lifetime. But my darlings wherever we are, there will always be pizza, and I for one, will never dab off the grease.

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