First the boxing glove hits you between the eyes.

But the wall is fighting for your attention with its greens, blues and the terracotta dividing line. Then the door forces its way in, showing off the pink accents. Let’s not even mention the zinc tube, like a periscope onto an interior world. And hot on the heels of all that colour and shape is the high yellow fence, and then a road sign leading you right back to that punch.

You might be reeling, feeling your eyes have been assaulted from the ordered chaos of colours, shapes and lines. But just then, right at the moment you’ve been taken full circle, the person who resides behind the green and blue wall, steps out of the pink-accented white door. She doesn’t notice any of this, she’s busy adjusting her red, white and green suit as she swipes a sideways glance at the boxing glove.

She smiles at the promise of a 55 % discount and continues with her day, wondering what colours she’ll choose for her brand new kitchen.

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