electric building

Greg Fallis

This is one of those "and then" photos.

I was drawn to this building by the shadow. And then I saw the name of the building, which for some reason I find both charming and hilarious. And then I realized it was a good subject for a Utata project, so I framed everything centered dead on the space between the two doors.. And then, after I shot the first frame, I realized it would probably be more in the style I was trying to emulate if it was just a wee bit off-center. So then I took a step...one little step...to the right and shot it again.

And then when I started to process the photos, I deleted the off-center photo because it just felt a wee bit wrong. And then I realized why it felt wrong (because it was a wee bit off-center) and undeleted it. And then I posted it here, even though that tiny step to the right gives the photo an off-kilter feel. Which is the point.

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