Project 366 - 1 | 2009.5.13

Phillip Chee

Project 366-1 2009 May 13 133/365

Esthetically, Apple's UI for their operating systems work smoothly although it does hide some bizarre flaws. For instance, I was duplicating a Joomla-in-Leopard installation that one of my students had some issues with. After playing around on the Hackintosh I noticed that Leopard didn't let the permissions from an access control list filter down from a parent folder to its child directories and files when using Get Info in Finder. A bit of Googling reassured me I wasn't crazy — it is a known bug. I did notice that OS X 10.5.7 was released today so I'm wondering if that might actually fix it. I read the release notes. No mention of a fix. Anyway, the solution was to create a custom chmod in Terminal. Good thing I have a Linux background. :)

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