the slow collapse of an idea

Greg Fallis

You know how you get an idea and you twist a ridged plastic water bottle until it's just the right shape and you fill it with water and set it in the freezer? And after a few days you get a red wire coat hanger (Joan Crawford be damned) and some cling wrap and one of those graspy-tool-magnifying lens things and a large sheet of black plastic and get prepared for the photo? And you take the frozen water bottle out of the freezer and use some tin snips to remove the bottle so you have this wonderfully twisty and ridged chunk of ice? And then you set it all up, but the ice is slick and keeps sweating like a fat Southern man in a cheap summer suit and your terrific idea slowly but inevitably dribbles into a disorganized and incoherent puddle?

Yeah, that's what happened here. Iron Photographer, baby...some days you win, some days you watch it all fall apart and just keep clicking the shutter anyway.

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