(cross-process) Dinner and Chocolate

Thiophene_ Guy

Iron photographer 209 invited cross-processed compositions. Lacking a film lab that could turn things around in reasonable time, I set out to explore various options for the cross-processed effect, taking a trial of DFT film stock along the way. I was interested because it includes several presets including the very mild cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F.

Iron photographer 209 requests:

1 - a pastime (seeking/sampling dark chocolate varieties)
2 - a job you do (Prepare meals)
3 - cross processing (DFT film stocks free trial)

This image was processed during a free trial period of DFT film stocks using the high contrast cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F preset. The mild yellow color cast enhanced the vegetables without undermining the appearance of the chocolate bar.

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