puzzles of many pieces

Greg Fallis

For Iron Photographer 209 we were required to include something that represented what we do for work, something that represented a past-time, and cross process it.

Words -- that's what I do for work. I teach writing, and I do book-doctoring for genre fiction. Mostly mystery/detective stuff, but also some speculative fiction and a bit of fantasy.

I have LOTS of things I do pass the time, but for the last few years I've also worked on jigsaw puzzles. Fairly large ones in the 2000-3000 piece range. I mostly do it when I'm taking a break from writing or book-doctoring, so I generally work in spurts of maybe 20-60 minutes. It usually takes me 3-4 months to put a puzzle together. I like it because it's totally absorbing; it completely takes my mind away off the work. I also like it because it's entirely non-narrative, which allows me to just stop and walk away from it.

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