For Iron Photographer 261 where the elements are
1- Something which is associated with the place where you live.
2- An object you have found by the roadside.
3- A big blur.

So we have a blurred Otago harbour and the Otago Peninsula in the background and on the post is a broken cup and not any old cup, this is a broken NZ railways cup from years ago. Apparently some train passengers in the "olden days" when we still actually had passenger trains down here, would buy a cup of tea at the railway station refreshment rooms and when they were finished they'd chuck their empty cup out the train window. The cups are now worth something and keen fossikers for such things know to look so many km along the track for the cups...the time it took to drink a cup of tea The cups by the way, were like bricks so often didn't break on impact.
Anyway, today we were walking along a walkway beside the railway line out of Dunedin and I spotted the above fragments of china sticking out of a bank and Iron Photographer entry was done :-)

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