Tourelle vitalité

barbara ender

This month's special from our supermarket is a tall brown loaf full of health-giving things such as sesame seeds and apple fibre. Killing two birds with one stone with the photo which fits iron photographer 261 and the weekend project bread culture.
Requirements for ip are:
1- Something which is associated with the place where you live.
2- An object you have found by the roadside.
3- A big blur.
1 is Swiss cheese, in this case mature gruyère which has a gritty, crumbly texture and is known as caramel (a name conferred upon it by the French restaurant critic and chef Jean-Pierre Coffe)
2 is a branch of artificial wisteria I found by the roadside in Berne and which had escaped from the decorative door-hanging of Globus department store
3 is the plants in the background.

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