Cutting Costs

Phoenix Coverley

Little known fact: The average american is 20k in credit card debt!
Thankfully I'm not there yet but it's been quite a year financially and I wish the above image could be a reality. Alas, I'll be back on the credit teat again soon enough. After spending the first 6 months unemployed, I got 5 part time jobs- just in time for a work related injury. Yes, they paid & a good thing b/c of course none of that part time work provided me with the health insurance necessary to pay for the 8 stitches needed to put my hand back together after an accident with a very sharp cooking knife. I am still scrimpin & saving...getting ready for a move to study for a big test. A little scared & trying to believe it will all pay off in the end, so I can at least pay off my credit card bills & ready them for the knife.

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