Lucky or Not

In honor of this weekend's Friday the 13th, we're doing a project called "Lucky or Not". Take photos of things that are considered Lucky... or Unlucky, whichever you prefer. Wikipedia has a good list of lucky and unlucky things, so if you're stuck for ideas, that would be a good place for inspiration. For example, some unlucky things: # A black cat crossing one's path # Stepping on a crack # Breaking a mirror # Spilling salt # Putting a hat on a bed Some lucky things: # Blowing the fluff from a milkweed # Tossing salt over your left shoulder if you spill it # Helping a turtle on its back to be upright again Of course, you can use your own interpretations of luck/not luck. Maybe you have a lucky charm that you carry around with you. Let's see that. Or maybe you have some superstition tradition in your family. Show us. I think this project has lots of scope for creativity.
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