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Martin Suess

The 3 flying O'Shannassys – Biography

Published by the German Fanzine “Da ist ein Licht” ( in March 2013

The 3 flying O'Shannassys are one of the least known but most influential bands of the last two decades. The band was formed in 1993 by the three brothers John, James and Caspar O'Shannassy on the day they met each other by accident in a Geometry class at the University of London.
The O'Shannassys were born in the early 70s in the St. Barnabas Hospital in central London. Due to an administrative failure Caspar was separated and raised by a foster family in Edinburgh – nobody knew that there were more than two O'Shannassy boys. John was named after the 2nd Premier of Victoria, James after his Grandfather, and Caspar was named for convenience – it is easier to call someone for dinner by calling a name.
At the same day they met at University they decided to live together in one apartment, to form a band and to visit classes and tests for each other in a rotary system.

They met their fist manager the same day, he lived upstairs. Unfortunately he thought that The 3 flying Does would be a perfect name for the next hope in pop business, and he somehow forced the three brothers to agree. That decision caused heavy nightmares for John Shannassy – now John Doe. As their manager declined every change of the name they had to fire him. His grumpy unfair reviews of their shows helped a lot to spread their name in the following years.

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