Music For Night Owls [inside front cover - page 1]

Paul Pomeroy

Below are links to the iTunes web page for each of the tracks where you can listen to a 30 second preview (or click through to iTunes to hear a 90 second preview). The links will open in a new page or tab:

1. Fuad - (Track 5) Also, the short film Paul Veraguth mentions above is here on Vimeo.
2. Cumulus - (Track 12)
3. Hourglass Part 2 - (Track 5)
4. Cinderella Song - (Track 9)
5. Less - (Track 2)
6. Song Of The Black Swan - (Track 14)
7. Thirty Three - (Track 2)
8. Light Through The Veins - (Track 6)
9. Au Lait - (Track 3)

You can go through previews of the songs and come away thinking you don't particularly care for this one or that one but then hear them within the context of the whole set and find that they not only work, but work well. Just as there is within any individual song, there's a rhythm and flow to Veraguth's entire arrangement. It's hard to describe in words the full impact of that. The shortest explanation comes from simply sitting down, putting some headphones on and listening to the set all the way through.

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