Music For Night Owls [front cover]

Paul Pomeroy

Excerpts from some recent reviews:

"Music For Night Owls simply flows, one song gliding into the next. And they all work with me working. They stay in the background when I want them there and yet have some of the most beautiful melodies I could ask for when I need to take a break from whatever I'm working on. My only complaint is that most of the interview with Paul Veraguth—the 'curator' for this collection—is missing (I only got the first and last part). Of course this is Icarus Records we're talking about, so no surprise there. The only real surprise is how good this compilation is. (★★★★☆)"

Rebecca Bradley
March 3, 2013 — Austin Music News

"I'd sooner ram red hot ice picks through both my eardrums than listen to this crap. (☆☆☆☆☆)"

Harley Zanrosso
March 8, 2013 — THRASHMAG

"While I've never been a big fan of Icarus Records' domino series, I've got to admit that Paul Veraguth's 'Music For Night Owls' selections simply blew me away. Covering everything from Pat Metheny to Pink Martini, Keith Jarrett to Erkan Ogur (yeah, I had no idea either ...) and from electronica to the Armenian duduk, Veraguth manages to have put together one of the coolest and most listenable collections of tunes for us late-night-loving creative souls I've ever come across. (★★★★)"

Kevin Rasmusen
March 11, 2013 — Los Angeles Tribune

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