Music For Night Owls [inside back cover - page 10]

Paul Pomeroy

Okay, I know what you're wondering: where's the rest of the interview? They were just beginning to discuss track one and now, here we are in the middle of him talking about track six? And I have no reason to offer other than that, quite frankly, quality control at Icarus Records sucks. Almost all of their first shipment failed to include the 8 page insert (pages 2-9 of the interview).

It's unfortunate, really. I was there the day they recorded it and can tell you that Veraguth knows his stuff and had all sorts of things to say about the musicians and the music. His analysis of the chord progression in Fuad was really enlightening as were the examples he gave of how Imogen creates the sounds she uses beginning with recordings of actual instruments that she then layers and modifies. The stuff he said about Keith Jarrett's "singing" was funny. He told some joke about a guy who thought his dog could learn to play the piano better than Keith because it already sang better than him ... I don't remember the exact punch line. Sorry. I've probably ruined it.

I also remember him talking about Vassilis Tsabropoulos, the guy playing piano on Cinderella Song, saying he's someone to keep an eye on and that his improv skills were way up there. He was pretty excited.

I can't remember all of what he said about Frahm's song Less. I remember, though, that part of it had something to do with how, when he first heard it, he suddenly thought of Murakami's book The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle but he couldn't figure out exactly why.

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