Amalgamated Widgets (front cover)

John Brennan

Press Release, December 27, 2012

Entropy’s third studio album, Amalgamated Widgets, will be released on Tuesday, March 19, 2013. According to songwriter and lead guitarist Pete Cale, Amalgamated Widgets is a “hard-eyed, cynical and pissed-off reflection of the current American landscape.” Emily Smith, Entropy’s mercurial female vocalist and band co-founder adds, “We hope this music will fuel the anger of people tired of being poisoned by swirling, amorphous forces. If you aren’t angry yet, maybe we can make you angry.”

Entropy was formed in 2006 by Cale and Smith. Their two previous albums Arrival (2009) and Atrophy (2011) were met with both critical and commercial success. Rolling Stone describes the band as “Truth seekers with a razor’s edge” and encourages anyone “with a belief in musical deliverance” to seek them out.

Details about an upcoming North American and European tour will follow in late March.

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