Super 8 x 10

Lisa Toboz

Faded photograph
Taken with my mother’s Kodak
Sometime in 1979.
This is the day that our lives changed.

I stood on the front porch
Shielding sun from my eyes
Waiting hours for our father to arrive.
An ordinary moment
In a gold metal frame.

Grainy, overblown,
Sun flare hiding my face
The day that our lives changed.

Jody – guitar, xylophone, vocals
Liz – bass, keyboards, toy piano, vocals
Sarah – drums, super 8 projector, vocals

Words and music by Instamatics
Produced by LJT

Recorded in the basement darkroom of a crumbling row house along the banks of the Ohio River, July 2011.

Copyright 2011 Dark Slide Records

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