Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mark Krajnak

#282 of 365 Days of Photos 2007

Morning dew hangs precariously to a swing in Northeast Pennsylvania.

My wife and I, along with our little one, took a drive up to visit my parents in Northeast PA this weekend...the Wyoming Valley. I lived there for 18 years, then made my way down to the big city (Philly) for 10, moved into NJ kicking and screaming but fell in love with it, took some time to see what the Left Coast had to offer and am now back in the Land Of Hopes And Dreams.

But going home for me is like going home to another time, simpler maybe. Yes, I'm there with my wife and baby, but when I'm there, I'm roughly 13. All the comforts of home are there and for the taking. Yet the house seems smaller, the yards doesn't look as big, and my life is still spread out before me.

In reality, I'm faced with my past, like this swing. I remember my dad and I taking a Saturday morning to dig the holes that the pressure-treated lumber frame, on which the swing hangs, was placed into and filled with cement to steady. And like this swing, and its frame, I can go home again and know it's not going anywhere. It's where I started....

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