the kitchen table

Liz West

I have taken this picture before. I took it several times for "A Day in the Life..." I keep taking it, I think, not because I lack imagination, but because this is where every day begins and ends. I spend a lot of time here in the middle of the day as well. My table is made from an old maple sugaring barrel that we topped with a maple butcher block circle. The top isn't even attached. It's just heavy and pretty well balanced. The table overlooks a wonderful, ever-changing view that I have never tired of. In some ways, this kitchen reflects my childhood kitchens--I had two, because we owned both a suburban house and a working farm that my father had bought while he was still in college. One kitchen overlooked a large expanse of grass, while the other had a wonderful old wood table in it.

I consider the kitchen the heart of my house not because I cook or even eat in it, but because it is where I sit and gaze and smile.

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