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Phoenix Coverley

Reputed to be the first California surf spot. According to legend, in 1885 three Hawaiian princes, Prince Edward, Prince David and Prince Jonah Kalaniana’ole, surfed on locally milled redwood boards at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River. Santa Cruz has 11 world-class surf breaks, including the point breaks over rock bottoms near Steamer's Lane and Pleasure Point, which create some of the best surfing waves in the world. If you're not a water person, the promenade that runs along West Cliff provides a great place for viewing or taking a stroll. Who knows? You may run into Jack O'Neil, a living legend who designed the first wetsuits (TG- the water is in the 50s in the winter- brrr) and still resides in our ever burgeoning town of 55,000.

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