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axel stevens

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I took a couple of shots of some old dilapidated houses on my walk today.The weather was humid and very, very warm with temperatures rising to 30 degrees celcius.We're gonna get some thunderstorms later today, that's for sure.I put on my polarizing filter to photograph the dilapidated houses.The houses are part of a small farm and hamlet on the scenic road from my hometown, Puurs (in the province of Antwerp, Belgium) to the village of Eikevliet (also in the province of Antwerp,Belgium) The old farmer called me over so I crossed the road and he started yappin away about some motorcyclist who apparently had driven like a devil, with no regard for the speed limit whatsoever and the old man was not pleased about it.He asked me if I had seen the motorcyclist, I had, and if such a reckless driver should not be arrested by the police and that one of these days (sounds like a pink floyd tune to you...? ) somebody would get hurt.While talking, I took some photos of him and our conversation continued.Me, I was thinking about gettin home and had been hitchiking without much succes.Suddenly the old farmer's daughter, with one of the old farmer's sons (a handicapped man of about 37) wanted to drive of with their car.The farmer shouted if I didn't want a ride.Naturally I wanted the ride (home) So I got in the car with the farmer's daughter and one of his sons (the mentally handicapped man) and we drove of.
The farmer had asked me if I came in contact with the police of my hometown or with the town council so I could tell the story of the speeding motorcycle devil.I said I wasn't to keen on talking to the police.Besides, nothing you can do about it.If some guy/or gal on a motorcycle decides to break all speedlimits...that's their perogative.One can only hope that nobody gets hurt in the long run.

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