Roosters are found, gamecocks are made.

Phoenix Coverley

These were our closest neghbors on the last trip to baja. The sign outside advertised pets for sale but the posters in the window feature the real attraction- famous cockfighting roosters- who, by the way have no idea when the sun is coming up. Consequently they have taken to crowing all through the night. There are about 16 of them tied up in the empty lot behind the store. They are on a rope which is attached to each of their spurs and then tied to a stake in the ground. Each rooster comes with papers to show their lineage. The posters apparently show some of the more famous cocks that may or may not be sire to those found in the's a gamble, naturally.

I have only seen one cockfight and that was an accidental situation. I was in Ubud, Bali, walking along the ricefields when I saw a group of men gathered together at the mouth of a crumbling temple, the mass of them shouting and gesticulating wildly, their fists raised and full of money. I came in close to see what the fuss was about, and had just got a glimpse of the bloody fowl pecking and lunging at eachother up on an old pedestal when a sarong clad man in the back felt my presence and shooed me off with a scowl. I did not speak Balinese, but the message was clear; this was not a sight for women and I should leave, the sooner the better.

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