"The Deep South" doesn't live here anymore

axel stevens

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It depends on how fast I type what the lenght of the story will be.I wished I had payed more attention in highschool when we where thought Typing blind and with all our fingers.

The photo reminds me of "The Deep South" (being the southern states of the U.S of A ) the coloured man - behind or in front - of the gate.The vicious dog - behind or in front of - the gate.Who's watching who here? The man was part of a team of two who where being busy trimming the trees alongside this fence.Branches where hanging over the road and the road had to be made ready for inspection by the "inspector for industrial buildings".It was a huge line of trees and the guys said they'd cleared all the trees in an hour.I was amazed.Especially because there's no workman wasted on me.

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