Round the Bend

axel stevens

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It's as if you feel the whole world turning.Everything goes 'round the bend.I was coming from the old sluice in the village of "Wintam", Belgium, on my bycicle and went to the city of Boom in the province of Antwerp, Belgium over this old road alongside the seacanal "Willebroek-Brussels".I wanted to go for a ride on this sunny bright morning and shoot some pictures.

I read an article about exporting your photos in different colorspaces on and the article opened my eyes.Uptill now I had exported my photos from Lightroom in ProPhoto colorprofiles.By reading the article, which said it was better to export in the sRGB colorprofile I began to compare pictures who where exported in Prophoto colorspace with the same pictures exported in sRGB colorspace in different browsers.The difference was huge and in favor of the sRGB colorprofile.Prophoto colors looked flat, as if all color was drained from the photo while sRGB made my photos look as I intende them to look.
I'm a bit wiser now.Thank you Utata !

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