Victory, for you and me...

axel stevens

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"Victory for you and me
both of us victorious
ain't it plain to see we'll make history"
by Daan :
It looks like this little old lady is about to become this years favorite model ;-)

I got up early this thursday morning to enjoy the sun and the bright blue spring skies.I had planned to go out on a bycicle ride and take some photos.The first village I passed through was "Eikevliet" in the province of Antwerp, Belgium.It was still early and the sun was low in the sky, you know, when the shadows are long and the light hurts your eyes when I came near the village I saw her standing there (;-) ) at a street corner, lit by the sunlight.I had strapped my camera round my neck (it was kinda dangling about while I was riding) and rode up to her.She remembered me from last time I had taken a couple of closeups of her.I started to talk but she pointed out to me that she wasn't wearing her hearing aid so I kind of made gestures with my hands.She obviously didn't mind having her picture taken because she had seen me before ( that's why, for a photographer who shoots portraits or "people" stories, it's important to get aquinted with the people first)
Man, I love this lady - she looks good on paper - inspite of her saying that she "doesn't stick on photos" - I'm glad I saw her again.See also : LEAP - Closeup and Le cycliste, the cyclist

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