Seldon Scott

The grave of a slave, brought to the area by his master, who died in Sunderland Point in 1736. Schoolchildren, learning the history of slavery, and other vistors to this isolated but beautiful place leave gifts and messages in his memory.

Called Sambo, thought to be a corruption of the Hindu name Shamboo. A name with unhappy racist overtones today, it is the only name we know him by.

Unmarked for many years until 1796 when Rev. James Watson left a plaque inscribed...

Here lies poor Samboo
Who (attending his master from the West Indies)
Died on his arrival at Sunderland

Full sixty Years the angry Winters Wave
Has thundering dashed this bleak and barren Shore
Since SAMBO's head laid in this lonely GRAVE
Lies still and ne'er will hear the turmoil more

Full many a Sandbird chirps upon the Sod
And many a Moonlit Elfin round him trips
Full many a Summer's Sunbeam warms the Clod
And many a teeming Cloud upon him drips

But still he sleeps-- til the awakening Sounds
Of the Archangel's Trump new Life imparts
Then the GREAT JUDGE his Approbation founds
Not on Man's COLOUR but his -- WORTH of HEART

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