kid with blue hair

Greg Fallis

So I had to be downtown yesterday, right? As long as I'm there, I figure I'll do my Thursday Walk a day early. So I see this vehicle entrance into a building and I'm totally smitten with the geometry of the shadows...but it doesn't really work as a photo. It needs a figure, is what I'm thinking.

So I put on my HCB face and I wait for a person to walk by (hey, it worked for him with that puddle). For like ten minutes I'm waiting. Woman in a red dress, I shit you not, walks up the sidewalk...and here comes a FedEx truck. Ruins the shot. Another five or ten minutes, and here comes this kid. And he's got blue-tinted hair. He's no woman in a red dress, but he's pretty damned good and you take what you can get. What I get is this one shot, then a car drives into the frame. By the time the car's gone, the kid's in the shadow.

Another five or ten minutes...nothing. Zip. Not a pedestrian to be found. So I give up. This is about half a heartbeat away from being a good shot. Some days are like that.

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