Greg Fallis

On my most recent Thursday Walk I stopped by to visit the curbing. But it wasn't there. It was a tad disheartening to walk up to the site and NOT see it. But as I got closer I noticed it had been moved. Somebody had picked up--apparently by the red PVC wire--and carried it maybe twenty feet before the wire broke.

It was bound to happen, of course. Although I never had any desire to pick it up, I'm not the least bit surprised that somebody else would want to do it. Clearly, it was designed to be picked up.

It doesn't lessen the weirdness of the thing. In fact, it only reinforces the original weirdness. I still don't understand the initial reason why somebody tied that bit of red wire around that particular bit of broken curbing and carried away from the other broken bits. And I rather like not understanding.

The fact that somebody picked the curbing up and toted it twenty feet further is probably the most understandable thing about this.

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