the disadvantages of short hair

Greg Fallis

There used to be a building back there. A sort of decrepit building that wasn't quite decrepit enough to be photo-worthy. Still, over the last year or so I've stopped by this spot thinking that there ought to be a photo in there somewhere, somehow. This 'spot' happens to be in a private access parking lot with a couple of security guards. I'd usually wave at the guards, maybe say hello; it was no big deal.

Today one of the security guards approached me and said "I'm sorry sir, this is private property." I apologized, and during the exchange mentioned the fact that nobody had ever seemed concerned about me trespassing before. The guard said "Christ, that's you. I didn't recognize you without the hair." He said they never bothered me before because they assumed I was "some sort of artist, with the hair and all." Today they thought I might be an insurance investigator or something.

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