couple a guys having a laugh

Greg Fallis

So I'm out larking about, taking my Thursday Walk on a Friday afternoon, and I see these two guys in the alley. They're wearing these blue-grey shirts that show up so well against the cautionary yellow loading dock, and so I start high-stepping to get there before they can wander off. I'm pulling the camera out of my pocket as I walk. But a moment after I see them, the one guy makes a rude gesture and walks off into the shadows, laughing.

So I think I've lost the shot and I slow down because why hurry? And there I am, putting the camera back in my pocket, and the guy steps back out of the shadow and says something, and the other guy laughs his ass completely off. So I'm grabbing the camera again and hurrying along and I get there just as the other guy is turning away. I still have to shuffle a half-step to the left to get in position, but I had time for one shot.

I waited there a while, hoping some guys might come out for a cigarette or something. But nobody did.

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