Thursday Walk 400

So 'tis the quatercentenary of our Utata Thursday Walks. In other words it's the 400th consecutive call to action from this group to its members to take a walk on Thursday and take photos during their walk. We then post them to Flickr to share with everyone. Who started this tradition? A long-gone member named Rain. She was feeling spontaneous and said in this group that she was going for a walk and taking some pictures. She also said we should all go out and do the same. It happened to be a Thursday. We liked it so much we did it again the next Thursday. And then the next. And then the next. And thus my friends, a tradition was born. And we've kept it going ever since, never missing a week. We even made a project of it and it has a permanent spot on the website. So, let's do it again and see if we can continue the tradition.
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