Dharam Kaur Khalsa

16 things about myself

1. I converted to Sikhism in 1983 and haven’t cut my hair since then. I wear a turban when I go out in public. When I take my hair down, the thin scraggly ends reach my knees.

2. I was married for 24 years, now separated and in the process of a divorce, and have an adult son and a daughter in college.

3. I am a skilled contact improvisation dancer and over the last 16+ years have put in thousands of hours in the studio exploring that dance form.

4. My day job is teaching gymnastics to preschoolers. I moonlight giving gentle touch massages to frail elderly at a senior health center. Actually, both happen during the day. I do the massages during the kids’ naptime.

5. My astrological signs are vermin. (Scorpion and rat.)

6. I was born in a town famous for witches (Salem, MA) on the day sandwiched between Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

7. I believe in magic and myth as powerful metaphoric tools to access insight and creativity.

8. I am skeptical about paranormal claims.

9. I am fascinated by neuropsychology and cognitive science.

10. I read a lot. As I entered my 40’s my predominant reading choices shifted from fiction to non-fiction. Reality is deeper and stranger than what people think up. The pendulum swung back the other way more recently, when I re-read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Fiction focuses reflection on human experience, and I find the artful use of language immensely satisfying.

11. I love guitar music, especially classical and flamenco, as well as acoustic ballads.

12. I regret that I never learned to speak another language fluently. I studied Latin in school (thank Ovid’s poetry for seducing me out of learning something practical) and can sometimes get the gist of written Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese, but I can’t understand what anyone says if it isn’t English.

13. I like to sing, but I can never remember lyrics.

14. I love being outside and am not one to find a nice spot to sit and just enjoy the view. I like to hike, bike, kayak, backpack or wander around taking pictures.

15. I love water, especially the ocean, and plan to learn to surf at the end of this month. Scuba is next.

16. I collected stamps as a child because they had wonderful pictures and came from far away places. Now I spend my time on flickr for the same reason.

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